About Us 2

Hello.  Welcome to Glacier Blue Cleaning .  So glad you’re here.

I’m Yosuke Ishida, the founder of the glacier blue cleaning company.  Ever since I move to Whistler area, I’m working for residential, and commercial cleaning.  Some of the property owner request me to do the window cleaning on top of it.  It is interesting to see 

 Ever since my first part time Job as a teenager, I’ve been working in the cleaning industry. 

I enjoy all kind of cleaning through out my life including residential, commerical, post-construction, window, and emergency.  To me, cleaning is chemistry.  The cleaner need to know what solution is best for the situation and material.

For the post-construcion cleaning, I fixed scratches on the floor to be perfectly seemless with special tools

cleaning , but now I wanted to pursue in more specific field, Windows Cleaning.

Since Whistler is

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